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Election Day

November 5th

8 AM – 8 PM
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The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to provide regular voters like you with information about the candidates’ positions on climate and energy issues affecting our community. 

There is an election for the Mayor of Knoxville on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Our decision will guide the future of energy and climate policy in our city. We are providing this information to help you make an informed decision.

Financial Support

Is the candidate supported by clean energy and climate action advocates?

Progressive Indya Kincannon YES

Supported by clean energy advocates and groups like the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund.

Conservative Eddie Mannis NO

Supported by big oil corporation profiteers who profit from big business, and business as usual.


Political support

Does the candidate contribute to politicians who deny climate change and block meaningful action to combat climate change?

Progressive Indya Kincannon  NO

Frequent contributor to former public school teacher, climate change action supporter, Democrat Gloria Johnson.

Conservative Eddie Mannis YES

Frequent contributor to climate denier, and anti-climate action Republican Tim Burchett.


Scientific Community Support

Does the candidate acknowledge the consensus of the scientific community on climate change?

Progressive Indya Kincannon – YES

“Climate Change is real. Reducing Knoxville’s carbon footprint is crucial to combating climate change, improving our resiliency, protecting our health, and being smart with taxpayers dollars. “ Indya Kincannon

Conservative Eddie Mannis NO

“I think that what we’re doing to the environment does impact climate change to some extent. To what limit, I don’t know because I’m not a scientist.” Eddie Mannis


Clean Energy Commitment

Does the candidate commit to the following specific energy solutions that save tax dollars, lower energy bills, create local jobs and reduce pollution?

  • Electrifying city vehicles and buses to improve air quality
  • Increase access to electric vehicles by promoting EV infrastructure and affordability
  • Expand renewable energy that builds a more resilient infrastructure and creates local jobs
  • Cut energy waste in city buildings, saving taxpayer dollars through energy
    efficiency investment
  • Formation of a Mayor Climate Council representative of climate experts to drive reform
    that lowers energy bills, grows investment in renewables and reduces pollution.
  • Committed to appointing low-income member to the Board of Commissioners at KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board) to advocate for affordable utility bills and low fixed fees

Progressive Indya Kincannon – YES

Kincannon says her goal is to address climate change head-on and to “make city buildings as energy efficient as possible,” and  “work to convert city vehicles to clean energy, including our city buses.”

Conservative Eddie Mannis NO

Mannis says “whenever we have the opportunity to be green and to conserve; I will take every opportunity to do that.”

We have done our best to represent each candidate’s positions accurately. For more detailed information, visit each candidate’s website. We hope this information is useful to you and that youvote for Mayor on November 5th or vote early October 16 – October 31st.

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Election Day

November 5th

8 AM – 8 PM
Find your polling location at

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund is a nonpartisan, non-profit 501(c)4 organization working to ensure clean energy solutions are a top priority for our region’s elected leaders. Paid for by SACE Action Fund (